This page was created to help answer some of those questions that keep popping up. This site has an abundant amount of information, so I encourage you to put on a Frank Marino CD, crack open a beer and spend some time reading through this site. The interviews and chat transcripts can be very helpful in your quest for knowledge.

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Who is Frank Marino?

Frank Marino is the founder and current leader of Mahogany Rush. He writes all the music and lyrics as well as producing all of the albums. He sings and plays the guitar. Frank has lived in Montreal, Canada his entire life.

Where can I buy Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush CD's?

Go to this link for the Albums Page

Does Frank Marino actually read all of the emails?

Yes. Frank answers as much as he can, so please do not feel slighted if you don't receive a reply. Email Frank

Did Frank Marino ever really believe that he was the reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix?

Absolutely not. Pure bullshit. Go read the real story from Frank Marino himself at this link.

When is Frank Marino going to play live in my town?

Frank loves to tour and is trying to play everywhere he can. I post all confirmed tour dates at this link.

Does Frank Marino ever visit this site?

Yes, he comes in almost everyday and is a visible presence on the message board. Read the letters to the fans at this link.

Are there any videos of Frank Marino available?

No official ones as of yet. He plans on one in the future. Bootlegs are out there, but please do not ask. Search.

How can I be sure that I receive all of the updates and news about Frank Marino?

This site is maintained with the latest news. The message board should be a daily visit.

Where can I find the lyrics to Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush songs?

I plan on eventually posting lyrics to every song. Go read the current lyrics posted at this link.

Are there any tablatures available for Frank Marino's music?

Not that I know of. Frank has no intention of doing this because it takes way too long. Search Google.

Am I the only one who feels so passionate about Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush?

Absolutely not. You are just one of many that feel passionate. Go here to read what other fans have to say at this link.

What is the current band line up?

As of 2006, the line-up is Frank Marino guitar/vocals, Remi-Jean LeBlanc on bass guitar, Dave Goode on drums/percussion and Avi Ludmer on rythym/violin.

Did Frank Marino ever jam with anyone famous?

Not really. He toured with a lot of great players, but they never actually played together. He recently jammed with Uli Roth at the Legends of Rock tour in Europe 2002. Frank would love to jam with Johnny Winter.

Did Ted Nugent really barge onstage uninvited during Frank Marino's set?

Unfortunately yes. Go read what Frank say's about this ridiculous incident here at this link.

Does Frank Marino think that he is a great guitarist?

No he does not. Frank says that he is okay. And when he comments on other players, he often says that they are okay which really means that they are great players just like we know he is.

When is Frank Marino going to do a blues album?

Yes. He plans on recording a blues CD sometime in the future.

Has Frank Marino really been sober and drug-free for over 30 years?

Yes he has. Frank is far removed from those early days when he was a very young teenager. He now has a beautiful wife and three lovely daughters.

Has Frank Marino ever considered playing an acoustic guitar?

He does play one at home, but he always thought that no one would want to hear him play unplugged. I personally have since set him straight. An unplugged set would be more than welcomed and very much appreciated. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with him and played acoustic guitars. It was the best and the worst in the same room! LOL

What does Frank Marino think about the blues?

To best answer that, go read what Frank Marino says about the blues here at this link.

Did Frank Marino ever see Jimi Hendrix play live?

Yes, just one time back in 1968. Frank was a drummer at the time and really had no concept of the guitar. Even after seeing Jimi, Frank was still convinced on being a drummer. The guitar passion did not come until later.

I missed the scheduled chat with Frank Marino. Are they posted anywhere?

Yes. All previous chats with Frank are posted at this link.

Can I use the chatroom to meet other fans?

Yes. That's what it's for. I have become friends with many people that I have met in the chatroom. It is open 24 hours a day. Be sure to get a handle before chatting so that we know who is speaking. It is located at the message board link.

How can I get my memorabilia autographed?


Has Frank Marino ever played on anyone else's album?

Yes, he played on April Wine's "The Whole World's Gone Crazy", Bryan Lee's "Live at the Absinthe House Bar", Billy Workman's self titled album and an unreleased "Fire Project" with Ainsley Dunbar and also an unreleased Nannette Workman CD.

Does Frank Marino get royalties when I purchase his CD's?

No he does not. He signed away his rights some years ago. He rarely even gets a publishing royalty check. The music business is very corrupt, so be careful on what you sign. He does get them from Full Circle onward.

Are there any Mahogany Rush collectible 45rpm records?

Yes. Go see my collection at this link.

Where can I buy California Jam 2 on CD and Video?

It is out of print, but can be found periodically on ebay, old record stores and record meets. Good luck.

I have stuff to trade and I am looking for stuff. Where can I start to look?

Go to the Message Board at this link.

Do you have any photos of Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush live on stage?

Yes. There are 5 pages of photos at this link.

Who the hell is Wild Willy Parsons?

Willy is just a fan like you. Go read his story at this link and stop by his own site at this link.