This "one of a kind" guitar was designed and built by Jim Glynn of Boston, Massachussetts. Jim is a woodworking master and a Frank Marino fan. This is only the second guitar that Jim has ever built. Jim and Rob Bizzozero made a special trip to Montreal to obtain some specifications and personal input from Frank himself.

After spending countless hours over just a few months, the guitar was completed and ready for delivery. Frank knew about the guitar, but did not know what it looked like or how it played. On August 1st 1999, the second anniversary of the website, Jim and Rob set out to Montreal to deliver the guitar.

Upon seeing the guitar for the first time, Frank was overwhelmed by the craftsmanship that went into the guitar. Modeled loosely on Frank's favorite 1961 Gibson SG, this was a masterful piece of work. Presented solely as a gift from two fans, Frank Marino was almost speechless.

From the moment Frank played the guitar, he was even more impressed. It played beautifully and sounded exceptional. To say the least, Jim and Rob were relieved to finally get the review that they sought after most. Sitting in Frank's studio watching him play something that you built out of wood must have made Jim feel wonderful, and it did. Frank played it for hours and he was genuinely impressed.

Jim and Rob are personal friends of Frank's as well as big fans just like all of us and were glad to have the opportunity to do this for Frank without asking anything in return other than the satisfaction of watching him play Jim's guitar. Frank will probably never realize how dedicated his fans are, but this should definitely give him an indication.

Specifications on the guitar are listed below.



Body- Sassafras wood with Tiger maple cap and a custom cut "f - hole".

Color- "Absolutely stunning" Purple over Tiger maple, fading to black.

Fingerboard- Ebony with tall frets & hand carved abalone inlays.

Headstock- Carbon fiber overlay with hand carved abolone "Crying Moon" dedicated to Willy & all of the fans at the "Strange Universe" web site.

Neck- Flat radius, fast neck dual reinforced.

Machine heads- Sperzel.

Pickups- (2) double coil types.

Tremolo bar- "New old stock" Gibson Vibrola



Frank Marino tests out the new axe